Gemma Blackwood “Scandals Of Scarcliffe Hall” Historical Regency Romance Book Series (No Spoilers)

Scandals Of Scarcliffe Hall by Gemma Blackwood Regency Historical Romance Book Series

“Scandals Of Scarcliffe Hall” by Gemma Blackwood is a regency historical romance series published from 2018–2019. The series consists of a total of 4 books.

This story involves the Balfour and Hartley families, a long-running family feud…

Book Review: Historical Western Romance Book: “Embers Of The Heart” By Rosanne Bittner (No Spoilers)

“Embers Of The Heart” By Rosanne Bittner is a western historical romance book. First released in 1990. 4.0 Stars.

The story starts pre-civil war 1860 and continues post-civil war border wars between Kansas and Missouri…

Book Review: Western Historical Romance “Without Words” By Ellen O’Connell (No Spoilers)

“Without Words” By Ellen O’Connell is a western historical romance novel. The book was first released in 2014. 4.0 Stars

The book takes place post-Civil War 1871 Missouri.

The Story opens up with Bret Sterling a bounty hunter…

My husband and I have been selling on the Etsy selling platform for over ten years; we have been very successful. Our business has grown at a steady pace; today, I offer tips on what we have learned over the years of being a successful business on Etsy.

Step one:

Cemetery Questions Answered

Let’s begin with the definition of a cemetery?

A cemetery, graveyard, or burial ground is where the remains of deceased people are buried. Cemetery implies land that has been designated as a burial ground, applied initially to Roman catacombs.

What is the oldest cemetery in the world?

The oldest cemetery…

Why Do We Do This Ladies? It’s A Trap! My Small Rant.

Don’t hide your age with makeup! Embrace it; you earned it!

Why do we work so hard to transform ourselves from the person that we are?

Today I was doing a video and noticed I was looking old, just tired, so I decided to go on Youtube.

I was…

That is the thought that I woke with this morning, that death is out of our control and will happen. It does not matter how vast your wealth or how little. It will come for you.

We spend our lives working, worrying, following the money to material living. Living life…

Cry Baby Bridge, Anderson, South Carolina Photo By Sean Riley

My husband and I moved down here a year ago. We had heard the story of Cry Baby Bridge even before we moved here so decided to take a drive to the bridge located on High Shoals Road.

Now it should be warned that this is private property owned by…

Is there shame in reading romance? For a lot of people there indeed is. Why is that? Why do we feel the need to hide reading something that gives us so much pleasure? The sale of romance books exceeds $1 billion every year, selling more than many other genres combined…

I have been thinking heavily about the current state of our nation right now. I more than anyone would love to see everyone come together to become unified. I decided after the election no matter who won or who I voted for I would do my very best to become…

Mary Riley

I am a constant thinker who loves to put thoughts into words. I never know what the next article or story that will jump from my thoughts onto print will be.

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